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Meet The Founder

Beauty expert and Dermal Clinician, Sarah, launched Above Skin in 2022, with a goal to improve skin health nation-wide through evidence-based solutions. Having a passion for gentle yet effective clinical-grade products, Sarah set out to design a platform that would cater to a vast range of skin concerns while maintaining natural barrier function and integrity.

Determined to share her knowledge of the intricacies of skin function and the countless impacts day-to-day life can have on our complexions, Sarah now shares these learnings via her virtual and in-person Above Skin consultations, alongside a vast range of cosmeceutical products. This includes her own product formulation, with her hero product Above Skin's Pure Marula Oil.

Meet with Sarah and see how her personalised advice can transform your skin into its best version.

Your skin journey with Above Skin, in 3 Simple Steps


Book A Consult

Take your first step towards healthier, clearer, more youthful skin by booking an Above Skin consultation. This in-depth 45-minute appointment; either virtual or face-to-face, will allow us to better understand the cause of your skin ailments, so that we can guide you through some effective, tailored treatment options. 


Create Your Homecare Regime

Equipped with the knowledge you need to tackle your skin concerns, the next step is setting up your home skincare routine. Based on your personalised consultation, your Dermal Clinician will provide expert products recommendations to meet your goals, available for purchase via the Above Skin website.


Be Consistent

Now that you have your products and treatment plan, you’re ready to see some amazing results. Some changes may take several weeks, while others may take several months. The key is consistency. But with some time and some patience, your skin will soon be glowing with health and longevity from the inside out.

With Sarah's expertise, have no fear,
Your bespoke skincare is finally here.

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Gentle, potent, a perfect blend,
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