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Beauty expert and Dermal Clinician, Sarah, launched Above Skin in 2022, with a goal to improve skin health nation-wide through evidence-based solutions. Having a passion for gentle yet effective clinical-grade products, Sarah set out to design a platform that would cater to a vast range of skin concerns while maintaining natural barrier function and integrity. Determined to share her knowledge of the intricacies of skin function and the countless impacts day-to-day life can have on our complexions, Sarah now shares these learnings via her virtual and in-person Above Skin consultations, alongside a vast range of cosmeceutical products. This includes her own product formulation, with her hero product Above Skin's Pure Marula Oil.

Sarah has been passionately working in skin health for over 18 years. After first obtaining a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, she sought further studies to grow her knowledge of skin anatomy, physiology, and cosmetic formulation via a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. Sarah has a love of lifelong learning, and continues to incorporate regular industry-informed education, hands-on experience, and scientific research into her work.

"Skin health, as well as high quality cosmeceutical skincare, has always been my area of passion and expertise, stemming originally from my own lifelong battle with eczema. Knowing the right skincare to use on my skin was crucial. It had to actively work on all of my areas of concern, yet be gentle enough to use on my skin condition.”

“Throughout my years of study, which involved an incredible amount of peer-reviewed research, it became clear to me that the root of all skin problems was damage and inflammation - which is caused not only as a natural result of age progression but also from UV, poor lifestyle and nutrition choices, stress, alcohol, lack of exercise and sleep...these are all factors that many of us experience frequently as part of modern life. And by combatting this damage and inflammation with the right ingredients, we can help to prevent inflammatory conditions and slow the signs of ageing from manifesting on our skin.”

“To all my friends, family and past clients - thank you for inspiring me to create my very own skincare products, and touch many more lives in achieving healthy skin. It is my privilege to share Above Skin with anyone who is looking to elevate their skincare regimen and deliver real results in attaining beautiful skin. With a full heart I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude. Love, your Dermal Clinician.” - Sarah