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Above Skin Marula Oil Eczema

My never-ending eczema battle and how Marula Oil came to light 

Eczema is described as a chronic, relapsing skin disease characterised by itchy, disturbed epidermal barrier function, and immunoglobulin E-mediated sensitization to allergens like food and environmental factors. Also known as atopic dermatitis (AD), this complex disease arises from either (or both) genes, and the environment. Unfortunately, the prevalence of eczema has been on the rise, with clinical studies showing 15-20% of children, and 1-3% of adults suffering from this disease.

Eczema presents as dry patches, red bumps, red/brown patches of skin that cause itchiness, swelling, redness and weeping pustules. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this condition, and thus, Above Skin – along with other likeminded companies – have worked hard to provide access to skincare treatment that aids in the management of these pestering symptoms… insert Above Skin’s first product, Marula Oil!

Due to marula oil’s high levels of essential fatty acids, oleic acids, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it can control the symptoms of eczema that bring pain and discomfort and allow for eczema sufferers to endure normalcy and confidence in the appearance of their skin! It's composition of anti-inflammatory properties, skin rebuilding amino acids and essential fatty acids especially, provide high levels of hydration that get deep within the skin to combat the inflammation and redness that is present. Moreso, Marula oil will aid in skin barrier function to reduce further outbreaks in the future, when its use is consistent!

I’m Sarah, the brains behind Above Skin. My background is beauty, spa, and dermal therapies. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies from Victoria University and one of the main reasons I started this new skincare company and became so passionate in learning and studying about skin is due to my history and battle with eczema. Developing Above Skin has always been a dream and goal of mine that I never took my sights off. 

As many of you have experienced, eczema is one of the most awful, severely uncomfortable, and mentally detrimental skin disorders to live with. Not only can it be detrimental to the person who suffers from it, but also to parents who have to watch their child suffer from it. The reason I released Marula oil as my first product in Above Skin’s range is because of what it did for my own skin. This single ingredient oil is organic, pure and natural. Its functions ticked all of the boxes for me in just one product. 

During the development of Above Skin, events in 2020 took a toll on me financially. It was then that I discovered Marula oil. I immediately saw the benefits that it reaped in just one product. There were expensive versions of Marula oil costing over $100 for a 30ml bottle, and then there were dirt cheap ones costing as little as $18 for a 30ml bottle. I tried a variety of them. While the dirt cheap one was nice to use, you do get what you pay for. I furthered my research on this oil and decided I had to release one of my own. So I asked the lab I was working with to source the best quality of Marula oil for me. Not only was it the best product I had used on my eczema this far into adulthood, but it also showed profound multi-functional uses when combined with other skincare products.

Above Skin’s Marula Oil has been tried, tested and loved for its quality, intense hydration, smoothing and softening skin appearance, and with long term use, it sure has smoothed out some age lines especially when paired with an AHA cleanser or products that promote cellular turnover. It has worked wonders for healing and soothing my eczema, scarring from breakouts, and even mozzie bites. We have received some amazing feedback from clients and trial participants who have used our Marula oil on their eczema and even on their children's eczema. Not only is this oil the perfect addition to your aesthetic self care regime, it can also be part of your first aid kit and eczema management if natural is your way to go.   

As we mentioned earlier, there is no known cure for eczema and it wasn’t just skin care that helped reduce the symptoms and appearance of it. I still have eczema today, but I no longer endure the suffering it brings. I did this by changing my diet, healing my gut, changing the everyday household products that are used, and being blessed with the scientific knowledge of what makes a clean and non-irritating skincare. 

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