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Giving back to Eczema sufferers this December

December is a month for giving, and this year, we at Above Skin want to celebrate the festive season by giving back to our skincare community - specifically, those suffering eczema.

Eczema is a complex skin disorder, still not fully understood by the scientific community, and can be extremely difficult to manage. There is no cure and it can be painful, debilitating, and impact hugely on self-confidence. There are only a handful of product and treatment solutions effective at reducing the signs and discomfort of eczema, and Sarah being an eczema sufferer herself has discovered that one of them is Pure Marula Oil.

That’s why this year, we are launching our inaugural Marula for Eczema giveaway. We will be giving away a free bottle of Pure Marula Oil to anyone who suffers from eczema. By doing so, we hope to help reduce some of the pain and discomfort felt by eczema sufferers around Australia, and improve their confidence and quality of life.

Why Eczema?

Above Skin founder, Sarah, began her journey as a clinician through her own struggles with eczema. Battling with misinformation on the market and experimentation with topical products led to a newfound interest in beauty and cosmetics. This eventually led Sarah to a Beauty Therapy diploma, followed by further studies in a Bachelor of Health Science - Dermal Therapies.

Not unfamiliar with Eczema

"Skin health, as well as high quality cosmeceutical skincare, has always been my area of passion and expertise, stemming originally from my own lifelong battle with eczema,” says Sarah. “Knowing the right skincare to use on my skin was crucial. It had to actively work on all of my areas of concern, promoting cellular turnover, yet be gentle enough to use on my skin condition. I am often asked about what is the best skincare to use, which motivated me to team up with one of Australia's leading cosmetic chemists to develop Above Skin's Pure Marula Oil.”

“Eczema and psoriasis are in my family. My nieces and nephews also suffer from it, so it's very close to my heart. My sister always asks to purchase more Marula Oil for my niece, and I always tell her the same thing - ‘No I don’t want your money, I just want her skin to get better.’ Since I discovered Marula oil, it has been the MVP in alleviating my eczema and repairing my skin. I've been getting the same feedback from my family, friends, and my incredible clients who have used it on themselves and on their own family members. This is my opportunity now to truly help and spread the word to others who suffer from this condition, because I feel that pain too.” 

Receive Your Free Marula Oil

To join us in our mission to heal eczema around the country, simply enter the code: ECZEMA at checkout to receive your free Marula Oil with our compliments.

All that we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping. There is absolutely no obligation, we simply want to give back. However we would love if you would consider sharing your journey with us! Submit any before and after photos, experiences and testimonials to info@aboveskin.com.au or tag us in your Instagram photos with @aboveskinau